Site Master Planning
Every site design begins with a thorough site evaluation and analysis of existing conditions. With a thorough understanding of the site, we begin to plan development to include multiple use areas that will function together to make a balanced and cohesive outdoor environment.
The resulting master plan is a comprehensive guide toward development of the site for the short term and for many years to come.  Our master plans are built on owner input, public input, planning initiatives, existing development, site conditions and social and economic conditions.

Grant Applications
We have helped many civic groups obtain local or federal grants for trails, streetscape and landscape projects.  The project must meet the guidelines for the appropriate program.  We can help with providing cost estimates, documentation for grant requests and assemble the grant documents for the execution by the owner’s representative.

Irrigation Design
Irrigation plans will spell out in detail the types, locations and fixtures needed to provide automatic irrigation to plant materials.  The irrigation plan would include smart and efficient controllers, irrigation heads, and useful elements such as flow sensors and rain/freeze sensors to alert the owner of problems to be resolved. Irrigation plans can be very simple or provide for multiple zone operation and weather based controls for larger sites.

Construction Administration
To ensure everything follows the design intent, we schedule regular site visits during construction.  Rather than supervising or directing construction; we observe how the plans are being followed and make suggestions as needed. We observe the contractor’s techniques, materials, equipment and personnel throughout the construction of the project. In addition we review and recommend payment to the contractor.

Urban Design
We bring experience and sensibility in the design of streetscapes, educational and corporate campuses to create spaces that focus on the best qualities of urban life.


Rendered plans or 3D visualization services can help a client to gain a clear understanding of a design. This helps to gain a consensus that the correct design decisions have been made.  Graphics can help to secure funding for a program, whether through private or public sources.  Our graphics can also be used for promotion as a brochure, a poster, or on the web.

Site Design
Typically includes massing of site elements that work together on a site.  It would typically include hardscape design of a site, including walks, plazas, roads, water features, and lighting.

Construction Documents
Construction documents will spell out the details of construction for a project.  They include scaled plans and specifications that will dimension and detail all construction or installation.  These documents are crucial to construct a project in an accurate and timely manner.  They also allow for obtaining competitive bids on a project and obtaining building permits from city or local departments.

​​Landscape Design
Landscape design more often refers to the planting plans, locating compatible plants in a way that makes the site useable and attractive.